Leave No Trace, Hundred Mountain Clean-up Weekend with Tripkada

Capture memories and Leave No Trace in the mountains. (ūüď∑ Tripkada) Join Tripkada this weekend, October 21-22, ¬†as they launch their newest program, LEAVE NO TRACE. Leave No Trace is a program initiated by Tripkada that utilizes their pool of travel organizer and travelers to clean the mountains in the Philippines and assist in creatingContinue reading “Leave No Trace, Hundred Mountain Clean-up Weekend with Tripkada”

Places to Visit in Dumaguete City, Philippines

The word “Dumaguete” is after the Visayan word¬†“Daggit”¬†or to swoop or snatch. They name the city after that because during medieval times, their coast is always attacked by Muslim pirates. Dumaguete¬†¬†is the capital of Negros Oriental province. The later is the most populous area of the former and it is the location of ¬†the primaryContinue reading “Places to Visit in Dumaguete City, Philippines”

Five Places to Visit in Butuan City, Philippines

A couple of months ago I went to the “Gateway to Northern Mindanao”- Butuan City. Butuan City is an unfamiliar place to me. Given the fact that it is my first time to set foot in Mindanao and I don’t have any relative or friends staying there, I am clueless on what this place hasContinue reading “Five Places to Visit in Butuan City, Philippines”