Veega Bulgogi Sandwich Recipe

Start the year with a healthy on-the-go snack such as this Veega Bulgogi Sandwich!

Making this is so easy, that is why it is perfect for work from home and busy parents like us. 

To make Veega Bulgogi Sandwich, all you need to do is to saute Veega Bulgogi in a pan. You don’t need to add any seasoning to it as it is fully cooked or ready to eat. Cut your preferred bread in half. Toast it in a pan for a minute. Spread Veega Bulgogi in the bread and add some quick melt cheese. Toast the bread in an oven toaster for 3 minutes and enjoy a healthy on-the-go sandwich!

Veega is a healthy alternative option for meat and protein. It is produced in the Philippines and is made with plant-based ingredients that are natural and healthy. 

Veega products are also available in Tapa, Tocino, Adobo Flakes, and Soy Garlic Balls.

Start this year with a healthy meal and grab Veega in all leading supermarkets nationwide, LAZADA, SHOPEE, The San Miguel Food Store, and SMC Hub.

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