Online Classic Games that Reminds me of my Childhood Days

The gaming industry changed a lot since I started playing. Graphics have improved impressively. The same goes for the background music, sound, and how you can access each game.

Nowadays, games can be downloaded or played on both desktop and mobile phones. Some are for free, while others need subscriptions or gems. These gems and subscriptions provide an advantage over those who are playing it for free. 

RPG or role-playing games are popular. With this game genre, you can control the actions of your character. You can be the best assassin, cook, doctor, wizard, or whoever you portray in the game.

Amidst the newly developed games in the market, there are times that I find myself looking and playing for the classic ones. Those games that I grew up with and played all night. 

Here are some of the classic games that remind me of my childhood days and the ones that I still play and introduce to the newer generation.


Tetris is a tile-matching game that I played for hours during the 90s. Playing Tetris on your desktop is easy, and it can hone your problem-solving skills. 


The tile that will fall is at the top of the screen. To score a point and increase your level, you need to create as many lines as possible. This game has no time limit. It only ends when the tiles reach the top of the screen. 


You need to click the right or left arrow to move the tiles and the down arrow to drop them. You can also swap the pieces with stored pieces by clicking control. 

Space Invaders

Space Invaders is a shooting game that 90s kids, like me, spend hours and hours playing. 

Space Invaders is the first fixed shooter video game released in 1978. This game set the layout of shoot them up games.


 You have three (3) lives at the start of the game. Shoot the aliens while avoiding their bullets. Each time you get hit, you lose a life. To get additional life, get the hearts dropped by a fast-moving ship.


Use the left and right arrow keys to move and the spacebar to shoot the aliens.

Brick Out

Brick Out game is one of my favorite classic games. I even play this every day on my desktop. This game is quite addicting and requires you to concentrate a bit.


Break the bricks by hitting them with the ball. You have three (3) lives every game. Once you didn’t catch the ball with the paddle, you lose a life. Keep an eye on the falling bricks. They can provide you extra length for the paddle or additional balls.


Click your mouse to release the ball. Hover the mouse to catch the ball.  


Snake is a video game where you maneuver a snake that grows in length when it eats or touches an object except for itself or the wall. 

This game reminds me of my first mobile phone. During the days, mobile phones have this game automatically installed. Like Brick Out, I still play snake every day. 


Move the snake to eat without touching itself. You only have one life per game so make the most out of it.


Move the snake using the arrow keys.

Online classic games might not be the same as the newer ones, but I still prefer playing them. They remind me of my childhood days, and they indirectly taught me how to concentrate, have patience, do multi-tasking, enhance my memory, and have fun.

20 thoughts on “Online Classic Games that Reminds me of my Childhood Days

  1. I really miss those classic games in my childhood especially that Tetris and Snake games. I have played Tetris and Snake games in keypad phones when I was I child. I can clearly remember those good old days playing this game. I miss the feeling of excitement and enjoyment while playing these games. Kids nowadays will never understand that feelings.

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  2. Aww nakakamiss na nga po ang larong ito . Lalo na ung tetris and snake . Ung kahit ito lang ang gawin ntin nun , iwas stress and bored na eh . Im sure ung mga kids din sa panahon ngayon . Mgugustuhan din nila ito 🤗❤️


  3. Heto talaga yung mga panahon na nilalaro ko. Sobrang paborito ko talagang laruin ang tetris at snake. Kapag wala akong magawa o kalaro hiniram ko talaga ang cellphone ng ate ko na keypad phone.. Tuwang tuwa talaga ako sa laro dito At talaga namang nakaka enjoy..


  4. nakaka miss talaga ang nga laro noong childhood lalo na ung tetris yan ang palagi ko pong nilalaro at yung snake nakakalibang talaga 😍


  5. I love these lists, nostalgic. Lahat nalaro ko aside dun sa brick out. Pinakafave ko dito yung snake at Tetris. Lumalabas yung pagiging strategic ko. Nakakamiss din talaga tong classic games na to.


  6. I use the site too, to play games to have a break and just when things get overwhelming. My favorite is tetris


  7.! I just visited that site a few days ago and I can’t wait to start playing these classic games with my kids. It’s going to be super fun for sure because I enjoy these games!


  8. Throwback talaga sa mga games na ito. I tried Tetris before and I loved it. Unfortunately now kids are not interested in these games instead they choose to play much more exciting online games. I much love to try these games again.


  9. Yes! But I think my 8 year old tried na these games. Naenjoy niya naman which is nice kasi I get to share my favorites as kanya.


  10. Back then, playing tetris and snakes are so cool! But these games are now the basis of many games that evolved through many years. Classics are still the best.


  11. I couldn’t agree more! I love those classic games na hindi masyado complex like what we have today. Tetris, brick game, and Snake will always remind me of my childhood. And not to mention, family computer! I love Super Mario, Twin Bee, Ice climber. Ikaw ba?


  12. oh my gosh, the childhood memories unlocked by seeing these! i need to try my hands on the tetris again!


  13. OMG THIS BRING BACKS A LOT OF MEMORIES! Mga nakipag away sa kapatid memories, mga napagalitan days kase ayaw matulog at nagssneak out talaga para lang makapaglaro neto, mga nakawan ng brick games for tetris, mga walang hiraman pag nasimulan na space invaders. HAHAHA OMG AND A LOT MORE! I’m so hype because this is too nostalgic!


  14. Thanks for the marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it, you’re a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will often come back someday. I want to encourage you continue your great posts, have a nice evening!


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