Four Reasons to Take Calcium-Cee

Travelling has become challenging for us due to the current pandemic that we are facing. Going to one’s province, city, or even establishments in the Philippines would either require a health pass, a QR code for contact tracing, and days of quarantine.

Travelling, sad to say, provides higher exposure to the tricky virus that roams around the globe. With the vaccine coming, our hope of getting back to the travel routine we know is rising.

With or without vaccines, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves healthy by taking a supplement that can strengthen our immune system, such as Vitamin C.

Vitamin C supplement has different kinds and by far, among all the Vitamin C that we took, Calcium Ascorbate, Calcium-Cee suits our needs as a traveller.

Four Reasons to Take Calcium-Cee


Calcium-Cee is Vitamin C in the form of Calcium Ascorbate. In this form, collagen-building properties of Vitamin C and Calcium’s mineral essentials for excellent bone health are fused into one supplement.

Taking Calcium-Cee boosts the immune system by working as an antioxidant that removes harmful elements in our body while protecting us against viral infections by strengthening our immune system and facilitating healthy cell development and tissue repair.

Aside from this, Calcium-Cee also helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels and slow down the aging process.


Calcium Ascorbate, Calcium-Cee, has an alkaline pH level instead of acidic. This is great news for us travellers who are always on-the-go since it can be taken anytime of the day (even before meals!). Worry no more about experiencing gastric irritations and stomach pains when taking vitamin supplements.


Supplements with too much sodium content are often associated with some health concerns such as hypertension, heart disease, and development of kidney disorders. Since Calcium-Cee has no sodium content, the risk of developing such ailments is lesser.


Megascorbic Therapy, or taking 3,000 mg of Vitamin C a day, is being promoted by some scientists. According to them, when a person is sick or stressed physically or emotionally, the body requires more Vitamin C for maintenance and healing.

Taking Calcium-Cee in megadoses is ideal nowadays since this is one way of safeguarding oneself from getting sick and Calcium-Cee being non-acidic and non-sodium, taking it in large doses won’t result in gastric irritation and reduces the risk of developing heart and kidney diseases .

Travelling during a pandemic can be risky but as long as we follow the imposed government protocols and adapt a lifestyle that embraces good health (which includes vitamin supplementation), we can add an extra layer of protection from the virus. What better way to avoid getting infected than to have preventive measures beyond eating healthily and maintaining an active non-sedentary lifestyle. Getting that extra boost for our immune system by taking Calcium Ascorbate, Calcium-Cee can add to that indeed!

Calcium Ascorbate, Calcium-Cee is available in leading drug stores nationwide such as Mercury Drugs, Watsons, Merry Mart and Rose Pharmacy.

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9 thoughts on “Four Reasons to Take Calcium-Cee

  1. Ganda talaga ng vitamins na to highly recommended para mas lumakas ang ating immune system plus meron din sya non-acid


  2. Usually when taking vitamin C I have gastric irritation, but I think I want to try this one. Hope there would be no problem with my stomach. Thanks for the info. 😊


  3. Adding Vitamin C supplements regularly is good for our health. And also these are the cheapest vitamins available in our PH market.


  4. I’m not sure if I have tried Calcium-Cee before but it’s good to know it’s not only vitamin C but also Calcium! That’s 2 in 1 combo!


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