Goolai: Healthy Salad Delivery

Staying healthy is a challenge, specially if you live in the metro. The errands, traffic and other time consuming activities tend to let us consume (whether we like it or not) unhealthy meals, most of  which are coming from fast food chains where food is readily available, but, with the modern technology and communication, healthy meals, from breakfast to dinner, can now be deliver right in front of our doorstep.

On social media, we usually encounter meal delivery or subscription service that serves healthy dishes like keto or low calorie meals but recently we encounter a delivery service that provides healthy salads.

The meal delivery or subscription service is called Goolai. Their name is derived  from  “Gulay” which is a tagalog word for vegetables. Goolai is owned and operated by Agri-Growers Multi-Purpose Cooperative. The former is a group of farmers, salad crafters and nutritionists  who aims to  encourage Filipinos to eat and live green.

Goolai Premium Salad

Agri-Growers  Multi-Purpose Cooperative produce healthy salads and premium dressings made from fresh ingredients. They grow their own ingredients and hand pick them daily on their farm in Lucban, Quezon where their products are nourished  by the cool water of Mount Banahaw. They use natural fertilizers and food for their farm animals to make sure that they produce chemical free products from  vegetables, eggs, dairy and livestock.

Agri-Growers Multi-Purpose Cooperative Farm in Lucban, Quezon. 📸 Goolai

Agri-Growers Multi-Purpose Cooperative Farm in Lucban, Quezon. 📸 Goolai

Currently Goolai offers premium dressings from Vinaigrette to Texmex Ranch, Ceasar’s Salad and Creamy Dressings. 

Variety of Goolai Salads that can be deliver right in front of your doorstep

Goolai Salads has generous servings and is good for 2 people. Each salad can retain its freshness up to 5 days but is recommended to consume upon delivery.

🤔 How To Order Salads at Goolai?

 1. Visit their website (

2. On the website, choose your preferred Salad schedule for the day in the calendar.

3. Schedule when to deliver.

4. Wait for the delivery and enjoy your salad

Enjoy fresh and healthy salad from Goolai,


Goolai’s Blueberry Vinaigrette

Goolai’s Blueberry Vinaigrette has slices of Peaches and Cucumber, bits of Corn, Pineapple chunks, cashew and lettuce. It’s Blueberry Vinaigrette sauce has the typical taste of balsamic vinegar but with a tinge of sweetness coming from blueberry. The peaches on the other hand,  provide additional sweetness to the salad while the pineapple provides a tinge of sour flavor. Every bite of the cucumber provides a refreshing flavor and the cashew and corn gives additional texture.

Aside from delivery service or subscription, Goolai salads is also available on  50 supermarkets particularly on their main store in Greenhills and in Rustans, Shopwise and Robinson.

To know more about Goolai, you may visit the following website and social media accounts:




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