Beauty Fades, But Memories Last Forever: Reliving Memories With A Photobook

Everyone has fond memories of those
simple feel-good days with a special
participation of photo albums

Precious memories and stories through photo book. (photo credits to

Those moments when we’re all curled
up around our grandmother (or grandfather
or anyone with the title of grand in the
family) with the family’s ancient-looking
photo album on her lap. You know a wave
of nostalgia’s about to hit you in the heart
once the rich tales of your family start
rolling in from your grandma’s lips. 

Or perhaps you want to share with
your family or friends the mementos of
your first overseas travel.
You want them to feel the same
euphoria you felt when you saw those
places you’ve only seen in
dreams and books for the first time.
Or share with them how you mingled with
the locals and even your funny encounters
with fellow travelers. So you pull your travel
photo book and start the storytelling.

Memories kept on a photo book that is best shared with family, relatives and friends.  (photo credits to
We could go and list every memory
we had with photo books, but one
thing’s for sure: it has built the
way for tales to be parted, for
relationships to be built, and for
memories to be shared. These are
things that modern technology will never
beat, no matter how advanced they
grow in time.

It’s unfortunate to think that these
kinds of memory will continue as
a memory alone and not as some sort
of tradition. When you ask
people what a photo album is
nowadays, all they’ll give you is a
confused look at first, then an “Ah, you mean
a Facebook album?” response.

It’s also kind of sad how smartphones
and technology had kicked out the magic
of reliving these memories as compared
to printed photos.

Captured memories are still best rekindle through photo books instead of browsing it on Facebook Albums or smart phones.  (photo credits to

Sure, you can store a bountiful of photos
on your phone and still not run out of spaces
for future memories. But if I ask you
today if you’ve revisited your photos on
your phone’s gallery and do nothing else
but view pictures, would you be able to
answer yes?

Let’s face it. Smartphones are made to
make our lives easier, but they distract
us from the little things in life that give
us joy. Even when you find the desire to
revisit your photos on your phone, there’s
a 95% chance you’d click on the first FB or
IG notification that pops on your phone. 

Then, later on, you end up deep on
Facebook, laughing at memes, or watching
YouTube videos. You end up forgetting the
main reason you picked up your phone – to
reflect on some memories with your photos.

But that’s not the only thing you’re missing
out. With modern devices today, the only
thing your hands get to feel is the cold
screen of your phone, or the lifeless mouse
of your computer when browsing through
your photos. The shower of emotions that
your photos should evoke doesn’t come to you. 

It’s like a frustrated painter trying to touch
a blank canvas in hopes of inspiration
coming through like a eureka moment. 

But when we see these photos in their
physical forms, we’re immediately transported
back to that moment. 

Physical photos can provide different emotions rather than those stored on mobile phones or on social media.  (photo credits to

It’s the same feeling we crave when we
prefer our books to tell us stories we like
to read instead of the eBooks stored on
your Kindle. Or when you prefer to give your
old vinyl a spin instead of blasting music from
your Spotify playlist on your speakers. 

Photo books are the closest physical
version we can get to traveling back
in time and reliving those memories.
We can’t turn back time in the real
world (unless you’re Hermione with a
time turner), but at least we can in
our minds and hearts. 

Photo books have brought us a
wave of joy, nostalgia, and even hope.
Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity
to go back in time and find inspiration and
bliss from the best parts of your life. It’s
just photos, but it still makes a difference,
no matter how small that is. 

We all crave for even a pint of happiness
today, so why not treat yourself to a book
full of your best memories? You’ll always
appreciate a good moment of reminiscing
the old times, whether with friends or family. 

Go ahead. Collect your best photos and
turn them into a photo book. There’s plenty
of photo book vendors online like
MILK Books. It all falls down to the kind
of memories and stories you want to tell. 

Author: traveleatpinas

Established in 2016, Travel Eat Pinas serves as a venue to share destinations in the Philippines where travelers can have a one-of-a-kind gastronomical experience, adventure, and soothing recreational activities. Travel Eat Pinas also feature EVENTS about food, travel, and lifestyle; must use ESSENTIALS and easy-to-follow RECIPES that you can make for your loved ones.

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