Ombu Kusina Holiday Feast

Holiday Season is in the air, and the best way to celebrate the former is, of course, by treating our palate with sumptuous and mouthwatering Filipino dishes.

Last December 11, 2018, Ombu Kusina, a modern Filipino restaurant, introduced their holiday feast which includes all-time Filipino favorite cuisine such as Lechon and Laing; and comfort dishes such as pizza and pasta infused with Filipino dishes and ingredients.

Ombu Kusina is located at the Ground Floor of  Sequoia Hotel, 91-93 Mother Ignacia St., Quezon City. The restaurant is very accessible and has a parking space.

How to go to Ombu Kusina

From Scout Limbaga, Tomas Morato

1. Ride a Jeepney going to Project 2-3/Welcome Rotonda
2. Alight at Timog Avenue/ Scout Santiago Intersection
3. Walk right to Mother Ignacia Avenue



Sisig Pizza has a  thin and crunchy crust topped with Ombu Kusina’s special pizza sauce, sunny side up egg, spicy sisig and cheese.

Surprisingly, the Sisig is not oily and fatty. It blended well with the pizza sauce and it didn’t make the crust sloppy. For additional flavors, you can dip the pizza with garlic sauce.


Salted Egg Spaghettini has al dente pasta coated evenly with salted egg sauce and topped with tomatoes and cucumber.

This dish will surely provide you a refreshing feeling in every bite because of tomatoes and cucumber.


Seafood Mix Laing has a mixture of different texture coming from shrimp, crab meat and onions with creamy flavors of coconut milk.


Binagoongang Talong has crunchy Liempo and eggplant in thick bagoong sauce.

The sweet and salty bagoong sauce perfectly blend with the Liempo and tender eggplant. You’ll definitely enjoy this dish with Dilis Rice.


Adobochon has tender and flavorful Lechon serve with adobo sauce and atchara.


Fall of the bone and juicy chicken coated with Ombu Kusina’s special sweet sauce.


Frozen Brazo is composed of the graham crust, ice cream, custard filling, soft meringue and topped with caramel drops. Surprisingly, Ombu’s Frozen Brazo is not that sweet and is totally refreshing. This reminds us of ice cream!!!

To know more about OMBU KUSINA you may visit the following social media accounts:


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  1. These food looks delish!! I wanna try that binagoongan na talong. I really love bagoong and its texture and the crispy pork was a plus. Hehe. Tomas is also near us so yey!


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