Jin Joo Korean Grill : 1K Eatigo Challenge

Last week I planned a surprise Korean date night for my hubby. I wanted our Korean date night to be intimate, would satisfy our cravings for Japchae and Korean BBQ, and affordable. To make the date night challenging, I decided to spend a maximum of Php 1,000 for our meals.

I searched the wonders of the internet for a Korean themed restaurant in Manila that has intimate ambiance, serves affordable Korean dishes such as Korean BBQ and Japchae (which by the way is hubby’s favorite). Mr. Google and Yahoo would always lead me to Unlimted Korean BBQ restaurants in Manila, yes they serve mouthwatering dishes, but, my dilemma is the waiting game and the former is always crowded and or they don’t serve Japchae.

I was losing hope when I stumbled upon Eatigo. Eatigo is a mobile app for restaurant reservations with deals of up to 50% discount daily.

Eatigo is so easy to use. After downloading the former, I browsed the app and pick my desired location, select the restaurant that I want to reserve, choose the date, pick the time and discount that I want.

What restaurant did I pick? Well, I happen to find Jin Joo Korean Grill. Jin Joo is a Korean Restaurant at the Podium that serves traditional and modern Korean dishes with a twist. Lucky me, I got 50% discount on their dishes (except for beverages and group meals) with Eatigo, which gave me a good fight with the Php 1,000 date night challenge. 

Jin Joo Korean Grill

Jin Joo Korean Grill is Korean Restaurant that serves classic and innovative Korean cuisine with a twist. 

The restaurant offers casual Korean dining experience. Stepping inside Jin Joo Korean Grill is like dining inside Korea. The earth tone colors of Jin Joo as well as the vibrant wall decors of the former and lined soju on the wall complete the total Korean Restaurant ambiance.

The restaurant is spacious and every table has their own exhaust smoke pipe to make sure that the smoke will not be all over the place. 

What we tried at Jin Joo Korean Grill?

A Korean dining experience is not complete without trying their Korean BBQ, so we ordered two of our favorite meat, GALBI  BON SAL or  Boneless short ribs and CHADOLBEGI or Unmarinated beef brisket.

Galbi Bon Sal and Chadolbegi

Galbi Bon Sal


Jin Joo’s Korean BBQ comes with unlimited 8 side dishes that definitely boost the flavors of the meat.

Unlimited side dishes

Unlimited side dishes

Jin Joo’s staff cooked the BBQ for us and quickly refill our side dishes. The manager also visited us twice to make sure that we got everything that we needed.

Our date night banquet.

Aside from the two, we also savored hubby’s favorite -JAPCHAE or Sweet potato noodles with beef strips, assorted vegetables, and sesame oil.

Must Try Japchae of Jin Joo Korean Grill

Our actual total bill is Php 1,750 but got everything for less than a thousand because of Eatigo’s 50% discount.

💳 Total Bill with 50% Discount from Eatigo

• Galbi Bon Sal – Php 475 (Actual Price – Php 950)
• Chadolbegi – Php 225 (Actual Price – Php 450)
• Japchae – Php 175 (Actual Price – Php 350)
• Service Charge – Php 98.65

• Total Bill – Php 973.65 (Actual Bill – Php 1,750)

We ended our date night satisfied and oh so full. What we ate is good for at least 3 people. Our palate was satisfied with the juicy and well-seasoned bbq and flavorful Japchae, plus I got to stick with my Php 1000 budget which is a great achievement on my end (hahaha!).

To know more about Eatigo download their app by using the link below:

To savor the delectable dishes of Jin Joo Korean Grill you may visit them at:

Jin Joo Korean Grill
Second Floor, The Podium, ADB Avenue, 
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

Monday to Thursday 11 AM to 10 PM 
Friday to Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM

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