Travel Worry-Free and Win with Bonamine!

Traveling is one of the best experience that we do and ought to do more. Traveling enable us to learn new things, adapt to the culture of the places and people that we encounter, discover and visit new favorite destinations that was once our dream, and even know more about ourselves, our hidden talent and our deepest desires in life.

Traveling is a continuous adventure that is most of the time fun, but there are times that we struggle and encounter challenges during the trips that we have. One of the challenges that we encounter that sometimes ruin our planned adventure is motion sickness or travel sickness.

Motion sickness or travel sickness according to experts is a the feeling you get when the motion you sense with your inner ear is different from the motion you visualize. Since there is a confusion on what we see and what we hear our body tend to react by making us uneasy at first then dizzy, followed by sweating a lot and at times our head aches so much that we feel weak and we tend to vomit a lot.

Motion sickness is like a culprit, it occurs sometimes when you least expect. It can occur even if you are just sitting on the car or during a bumpy airplane ride. As for us, the most common attack that we encounter is whenever we travel for about four (4) to five (5) hours or  when we travel by sea, when we eat a lot before and during a bumpy ride .

Good thing we find a way to prevent motion sickness, thanks to the Travel Bloggers Conference spearheaded Taisho Pharmaceuticals that we attended last February 9, 2018 at Microtel Mall of Asia Manila. During the conference Taisho’s Country Head and Regional Director for SEA Commercial Operations, Tito Tolentino, emphasize the importance of making a motion sickness medicine, like Bonamine, be part of every traveler’s journey.  By taking Bonamine an hour before a trip, Bonamine will address motion sickness or traveler sickness for 24 hours to ensure travelers to experience a comfortable, worry- free and fun-filled trips and adventure.

Tito Tolentino,Taisho’s Country Head and Regional Director for SEA Commercial Operations.
Travel Bloggers during the Bonamine Travel Bloggers Conference.

During the conference, Taisho also rolled out Bonamine Travel and Win Promo intended for travelers, bakasyunistas, biyaheros and backpackers. Bonamine Travel and Win Promo will let travelers get the chance to win a trip for four (4) to  Hongkong for three (3) days and two (2) nights. Aside from the Hongkong trip, participants will get the chance to win an overnight accomodations to Hotel H20 for Luzon, Crown Regency Hotels and Towers for Visayas and Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao for Mindanao.

How to join Bonamine Travel and Win Promo:

1. Take a selfie with Bonamine promo pack.

2. Share your Bonamine enjoy and biyahe experience.
Don’t forget to use the hashtag #bonamine and #travelandwin

3. Upload the photo at Bonamine Philippines
Bonamine Travel and Win Promo will run from March 1 to July 31, 2018. Winners will be announced on  Bonamine Facebook Page.

For more details about Bonamine Travel and Win Promo, visit Bonamine Philippines Facebook page.

So next time you plan to travel and visit the majestic and wonderful destinations in the Philippines, don’t forget to bring Bonamine so that you’ll have a comfortable, worry- free and fun-filled travel and food adventure in the Philippines!

Author: traveleatpinas

Established in 2016, Travel Eat Pinas serves as a venue to share destinations in the Philippines where travelers can have a one-of-a-kind gastronomical experience, adventure, and soothing recreational activities. Travel Eat Pinas also feature EVENTS about food, travel, and lifestyle; must use ESSENTIALS and easy-to-follow RECIPES that you can make for your loved ones.

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