Locally Fruit Truck by NutriAsia is Now Rolling in Metro Manila

With the innovation and availability of Food Parks and Food Trucks in every corner of the metro Filipinos are given the opportunity to conveniently get the food that they want and craving for. With this innovation,  Locally by NutriAsia introduced last November 24, 2017, at BGC Highstreet, Taguig, the first and the only Fruit Truck in the Philippines that can let Filipinos easily grab and enjoy locally made fruit juices and concoction.

Locally Fruit Truck is the modern take on the ice cream truck that we grew up with. The truck is designed with vibrant colors that can easily attract the eyes of people passing by the Fruit Truck. The former also imbibe the festive practices and patriotism of  Filipinos with the banderitas and flag painted all over the Fruit Truck.

Colorful and inviting Fruit Truck of Locally.  ( 📸by _theinsidegeek)

Locally Fruit Truck serves NutriAsia’s Locally Blended Juice Drinks. Locally Blended Juice Drinks is the first Filipino real juice line made of local fruits found, farmed, and squeezed in different regions of the Philippines such as tamarind from Batangas, Pangasinan and  Bulacan; calamansi from Isabela, Tarlac and Nueva Ecija; dalandan from Laguna and Mindoro; guyabano from Cebu and Misamis Occidental; pomelo from Davao; and Siniguelas from the Negros provinces.

Locally Blended  Juice Drinks are made with fruits found and squeezed in the Philippines.

With Locally Blended Juice Drinks, Filipinos can easily enjoy blended juices made with fruits found in different regions in the Philippines

Along with Locally Blended Juice Drinks are concoctions co-created with known liquid mixologist Kalel Demetrio aka Liquido Maestro. Filipinos can enjoy affordable mixed juices for as low as Php 60 at Locally Fruit Truck. Blendes juices such as Kalikasan which is made with NutriAsia’s  Locally Calamansi and mixed with relaxing flavors of mint rosemary  and cucumber; Marikit which is made of Locally Guyabano with a tinge of melon, hint of hibiscus and a little of kaffir; Sinag which is made of Locally Dalandan with passion fruit, lemon grass and a pinch of ginger; and Pomelo  which from name itself is made of Locally Pomelo mixed with ginger and rosemary are available in the Fruit Truck.



Cocktails made by Liquido Maestro are also served at Locally Fruit Truck. To date, they have two (2) affordable cocktails that only costs Php 90, the Maharlika Mojito and Sataguinto.

Blended fruit base made of Locally Blended Juice of  Maharlika Mojito and Sataguinto.

Filipinos can now enjoy Locally Fruit Truck beverages and concoctions as Locally Fruit Truck travels around Metro Manila’s food parks, resto hub,  malls, and transport terminal starting this November.

Enjoy Locally Blended Juice Drinks at Locally Fruit Truck and supermarkets nationwide. ( 📸by _theinsidegeek)

Locally Blended Juice Drink is available in 7-Eleven stores, PureGold, Robinsons, Rustan’s, and WalterMart Supermarkets nationwide.

To know the schedule of Locally Fruit Truck caravan you may visit the following website and social media accounts:

Author: traveleatpinas

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