El Masfino Hotel is a 3-hectare luxury and hidden paradise in Bulacan that can provide a complete vacation package suited for family, friends and even relationship building for teams and co-workers.

Cabanas located near the hotel building.

A 45-minutes to an hour drive from Manila can lead you to  El Masfino Hotel. The hotel is situated inside Royal Northwoods Golf and Residential Estates and El Masfino Country Club at Coral na Bato, San Rafael, Bulacan.

1. From North Luzon Expressway  exit to BALAGTAS,
2. Drive straight to Plaridel By-Pass Road ,
3. Turn right to Viola Road .
4. Pass by Royal Northwoods Golf and Residential Estate until you reach the hotel.
El Masfino Hotel is spacious and situated with luscious trees, palm and bushes. Cabanas are strategically placed near the swimming pool and hotel rooms to enable guests to unwind and relax.
El Masfino Hotel.

Activities for families are situated near the pool area while obstacle course for team building are installed in a spacious field near the picnic area.
Aside form the usual activities that can be done in a hotel, Travel Eat Pinas listed nine activities that your family, friends and co workers can enjoy while staying at El Masfino Hotel


Relaxation at El Masfino Hotel starts with enjoying the comfort of  home in the rooms available in the hotel. You can settle on either Deluxe or Suite Rooms. Each room is fully air conditioned and has readily available tea and coffee maker,  cable television, mini bar with beverages and snacks, internet, and telephone for outgoing calls and 24/7 access to the hotel’s front desk for queries and request.

Suite rooms is good for four (4) adults and (2) kids. It has a build in kitchen, dining and living room area.  In the middle of the bed room lies a king sized bed  with stylish lamps on both side of the headboard.
Living room area of Suite Room.

Kitchen and dining area of Suite Room. 
The lavatory inside the bedroom has both shower and toilet area. It has fresh towels and complimentary toiletries readily available for your consumption.

Earth toned bedroom.

The room is spacious and has earth tone colors that can easily calm your senses.


Deluxe rooms is good for two (2) adults and two (2) kids.  This room has two  (2)  twin  bed  with sitting area.  The room is  fully air conditioned and with cable television. Fresh toiletries and towels are readily available on the lavatory for your consumption.

Toilet area of Deluxe Room.
Complimentary soap at the hotel.

Like the Suite Rooms, Deluxe Rooms are also spacious and with earth tone color.

Aside from relaxing on the comfort of El Masfino rooms, cabanas are strategically placed  in the hotel where guests can sit, breath fresh air and enjoy a quiet alone time.


Your family and friends can sing their hearts out and dance while bonding at the hotel’s KTV Room. The former has a living room set up with wide screen television, high quality sound system and is fully air conditioned.

KTV room.
Sing your hearts out at El Masfino KTV room.


Each member of your group can ease stress, boost energy and relax your muscles with  El Masfino’s signature massage. You can either have a soothing massage on their  Massage Hut or in the comfort of your rooms.

Massage Hut.


El Masfino Hotel enables each member of your group to feel the ocean waves with their wave pool. Basketball can also be played at their lap pool and for some adventure, you can hop on an inflatable and tour around the hotels raging river.

Wave Pool.


El Masfino Hotel has an open field with obstacle course that can surely enhance relationship among your family, friends and co-workers. The obstacle course is composed of five (5) activities that will test each participants strength, stamina and trust to one another.

Obstacle course located at an open area of El Masfino Hotel.
Obstacle course located at an open area of El Masfino Hotel.


Kids will surely enjoy playing in an outdoor playground with swings, slides, viewing deck and climbing frame.

Outdoor playground.

Grill or have a barbecue weekend with the family while breathing some fresh air and enjoying nature at the hotel’s Picnic area.

Picnic Area.


Add some adventure by driving a buggy or ATV on an exciting trail inside the hotel.


Ride a bicycle around the hotel’s vicinity and enjoy the serene place, nature and breath some fresh air.

Mountain Bikes that can be used to stroll around the hotel.

To know more about El Masfino Hotel you may visit the following website and social media accounts:



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  1. You can actually combine work and traveling. There are some jobs and opportunities that require you to travel. You can also travel once in a while to distress and find some adventure. Like you, I wish that I can travel a lot and discover new culture and places but I can't afford to do so that's why I travel atleast once a quarter.


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