ShopBack Lets You Save on Travel Expenses with Cashback!

Traveling is my favorite hobby. The former enables me to learn and be mesmerized with the culture, tradition and beauty of my country, the Philippines. Who wouldn’t love this country? Beaches with white, pink, black, fine and grainy sands can be found on the  7,107 islands of the Philippines. Along with the beaches are mountains and hills  that you can trek and later on can provide you a breathtaking scenery. Each island has different culture, heritage and delicacies that you can learn and savor. Philippines is full of inviting paradise that needs to be uncovered. But, I must admit that along with the learning and the amazement of traveling the Philippines, comes the costly travel expenses.
Aerial shot of Metro Manila, Philippines
Whenever I travel, I want to feel relax, comfortable and experience all sorts of activities  that can be done on my desired destination because I’m not sure if I can go back to the former again. I also bring all my travel necessities and gadgets that I can use to feel comfortable and capture every single memories that I will encounter on my trip. Doing my travel routine is a bit expensive but it changed when I become a smart shopper because of ShopBack.
Be a smart shopper with ShopBack!
ShopBack was established in 2014 with the aim of “creating a world with smart shoppers.” With ShopBack, customers can purchase their necessities on an online store that offers the biggest discount and  deals while earning cashback on every purchase that they made. The cashback can be  redeemed on the customers bank or PayPal account later on.To date, ShopBack is the largest and fastest growing online loyalty platform in Southeast Asia with almost 1,000++ online stores that customers can choose from.
Earn cashback whenever you shop via ShopBack.
Earning cashback  from ShopBack’s Travel Deals is easy. On my previous trip to Cebu City here’s how I earn cashback from ShopBack:
Travel Necessities

Variety of Luggage that travelers can buy at Lazada.

Racini Duffle Bag via Lazada – 9.0% cashback (Php 143.91)
Wanderskye Explore South East Asia Luggage Cover via Lazada – 9.0%  cashback (Php 107.55)

OEM Travel Tag via Lazada  9.0% cashback (Php 38.79)
Travel Manila 6 in 1 Packing Bags via Lazada – 9.0% cashback (Php 67.41)

Travel Fare and Hotel

Earn cashback when you purchase your travel needs with ShopBack.

GrabCar Ride from my place to the airport  and vise versa – Php 5.00 cashback each trip
Philippine Airlines Fare via – 0.5% cashback
The Henry Hotel Cebu via – 4.0% cashback
With ShopBack, I can get the best deals and discounts on my favorite online stores and at the same time redeem cashback that I can use on my next trip.
Earn up to 6.0% cashback with Expedia.
Aside from local trips and staycations that you can get from merchants like Expedia, you can also fly abroad with cashback on top of some great deals to double your savings. From cheaper flight tickets during Qatar Airways promos or accommodations with Accor Hotels promotions, all of these are availble to help you save. So please do look out for these travel deals on the merchant pages or at this page here.

To know more about ShopBack, you may visit the following website and social media accounts:




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