Filipino Favorite Dishes at Joy Ride! Food Truck by NutriAsia

Filipino cuisine with a twist at Joy Ride by NutriAsia.
Last January 12, 2017, Joy Ride by NutriAsia let Filipinos savor Pinoy comfort food at Burnham Green, Luneta Park, Manila.
Joy Ride by NutriAsia.
NutriAsia and Gala Stars Culinary headed by celebrity Chef Ernest Reynoso Gala team up to create Joy Ride Filipino Menu that compose of Filipino comfort dishes with a twist and easy to prepare cuisines  that were made even more tastier and flavorful with NutriAsia’s leading  condiment products, Datu Puti and Mang Tomas.
Chef Ernest’s Joy Ride Filipino Menu sampler.
The menu of NutriAsia and Chef Ernest for Joy Ride includes Adoburrito or adobo in a burrito. Adoburrito has two variants, the Spicy Adobo and Humba Adobo. This dish is perfect for people  
who are always on the go and loves adobo!
Adoburrito sampler.
Bagnet in a wrap is another creation of Chef Ernest for Joy Ride Food Truck. This dish is made of crispy bagnet, Mang Tomas Siga, Datu Puti Vinegar and cucumber. Mang Tomas Siga gave this dish its spicy flavor while Datu Puti Vinegar gave it a tinge of sour taste that blend perfectly with the bagnet. The cucumber on the other hand provide an additional crunch to the dish.
Bagnet Wrap sampler.
Along with Siga Bagnet Wrap is  Pinoy Chicken Slider. The slider is made up of chicken fillet drizzled with Mang Tomas Siga in between Filipino staple bread, pan de sal. Mang Tomas Siga, the spicy version of Mang Tomas sarsa, made this simple dish more flavorful.
Pinoy Chicken Slider.
Another Filipino  favorite is the deep fried chicken skin. Chef Ernest along with NutriAsia’s Golden Fiesta Big Crunch Fry and Shake upgraded the usual chicken skin by making it more crunchier and adding three variations of it- smoky barbecue, sour cream and cheese.
Skinny Chix barbecue flavor.
Skinny Chix sour cream flavor.
Aside from the flavorful dishes of Chef Ernest, NutriAsia’s Filipino inspired beverages can also be tasted at the Joy Ride Food Truck. This beverages are made from the natural juices of fruits in the Philippines like Kamias, Mangosteen, Guyabano, Kalamansi and Dalandan.
Locally Blended Juice Drink by NutriAsia.
Filipinos will be given a chance to savor Gala and Nutri Asia’s flavorful Filipino dishes as Joy Ride Food Truck visit food parks, BPO, bazaar, university, college and events in Metro Manila starting this month. Dishes served at Joy Ride Food Truck ranges from Php 40 to Php 80.
To know more about Joy Ride by Nutri Asia you may visit the following social media accounts:

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