Hapag Heritage Cuisine

Do you still remember the dishes that your Grandmother used to serve you when you were a child? Those dishes with local ingredients and oozing with traditional Filipino flavor? Can you still remember how each spoonful of those delectable fares satisfied your appetite?
Traditional Filipino dishes from Hapag Heritage Cuisine.
We, at Travel Eat Pinas, crave for those dishes as well and our palate has been searching for that traditional Filipino taste for a long time until we went to Hapag Heritage Cuisine.
Hapag Heritage Cuisine.
Hapag Heritage Cuisine caters to casual dining and special events with their Filipino dishes from the exact menu of the Grandmother of the owners of Hapag. Each dishes that they serve are made with traditional Filipino ingredients, all natural and NO enhancer, preservative, and monosodium glutamate or MSG.
Hapag has a homey and relaxing ambiance with their wooden tables and chairs and nostalgic decor and ornament.
Wooden chairs and tables that are usually seen on the house of  Filipino Grandparents.
Ornaments and decoration that provides the nostalgic ambiance of Hapag.
Among all the delectable food served in Hapag, here are the dishes that satisfied Travel Eat Pinas craving for traditional and nostalgic dishes.


Kilawin Na Hipon

Juicy and crunchy shrimps with a sweet and sour sauce. (PHP 260 or USD 5.23) 

Sinigang Na Bangus Sa Bayabas

Sinigang soup that has rich guava and a bit of sour taste, perfectly seasoned milkfish and tender vegetables. 

Manok ng Hapag

Tender, oozing with juice and perfectly seasoned roasted chicken. (Half Chicken PHP 300 or  USD 6.03, Whole Chicken PHP 470 or USD  9.45)

Kare-kareng Baka

Enjoy the rich taste of peanut and buttery sauce with tender meat and al dente vegetables.( Regular  PHP 330 or USD 6.64, Family PHP 530 or USD 10.66)  

Binagoongang Baboy

Tender meat in a creamy, spicy and a bit salty bagoong sauce. (PHP 380 or USD 7.64)

Inihaw Na Tuna Belly

Perfectly seasoned grilled tuna on a sweet sauce.

Tinapa Rice

Tinapa, egg and tomato bits mixed with Hapag’s special sauce and rice. (Platter PHP 240)

Pandan Cheesecake

A Rich taste of pandan and cheese with macapuno. (PHP 140 or USD 2.82 per slice)


Sweet and fluffy bread with sweet and creamy sauce topped with chorizo.

Sweet and fluffy bread with sweet and creamy sauce topped salted fish,
Hapag Heritage Cuisine satisfied Travel Eat Pinas’ palate with their dishes that brought us back in time when our Grandmother served us their treasured recipes. Hapag’s chef brought out the taste of the local ingredients on each cuisine that was served to us. Aside from that, Hapag’s dishes have no enhancer, preservative, and MSG. The price is reasonable considering the serving of each cuisine and the ambiance is also relaxing and perfect for family bonding and catching up with friends. 
Hapag Heritage Cuisine is located at 140 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City and is open from Monday to Sunday 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

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