Authentic Thai Dishes On The Go with BKK Express

Last November 18, Cabalen Group of Companies opened BKK Express at the Food Hall of UP Town Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

BKK Express at the Food Hall of UP Town Mall, BGC Taguig.

Like Cabalen’s Soi Restaurant, BKK or Bangkok Express provides foodie lovers  extraordinary Thai cuisines with the right combination of sweetness, spiciness, and sourness in every dish.

Different variety of Thai dishes that you can munch on BKK Express.

In Thailand, people buy food and leave as soon as they get their orders and here in the Philippines, Cabalen Group of Company, want food lovers to get an easy access and on the go Thai dishes while providing those not in a hurry a  laid back and relaxing ambiance while enjoying their favorite meals.

On the go BKK Express and laid back ambiance at the Food Hall of UP Town Mall, BGC, Taguig
Aside from that, according to Mr. Roy Fontabla, Area Manager of BKK Express and Soi,they want to remove the connotation that Thai dishes are all spicy. With BKK they can provide food lovers the authentic Thai cuisine that is flavorful and has a mixture of sweet, sour and spicy taste on every dish. BKK’s ingredients are imported and they also hire a Chef who came all the way from Thailand to perfectly achieve the authentic taste of their dishes.

Chef Thepsuwan Songkhon  and Mr. Roy Fontabla of BKK Express.

BKK Express offers eight group of dishes- Appetizers, Thai Soup Noodles, Salads, Pad Thai, Specials, Rice Toppings, Thai Grilled Plates, Desserts, and Drinks.

Thai dishes at Bkk Express.


To start an amazing Thai cuisine experience, BKK will stimulate one’s appetite with their finger foods.


Thai Fried Rolls

Crunchy on the outside fried Thai rolls that have perfectly seasoned fillings. (PHP 120) 

Thai Soup Noodles

Experience Thailand’s fresh and hot soup that has al dente noodles and vegetables with tender meat.


Fresh Egg Noodles with Roasted Pork

Enjoy some al dente noodles topped with tender roasted pork and fresh vegetables with authentic Bangkok soup. (PHP 160) 

Fresh Egg Noodles with Shrimp Wanton

Munch some tender egg noodles, topped with perfectly seasoned waton, fresh vegetables and sweet and garlicky soup. (PHP 190)

Pad Thai

Thailand’s most popular dish, Pad Thai, is readily available in the Philippines, thanks to BKK Express.


Pad Thai Chicken

Make your tummy happy by eating some tender and juicy chicken on top of stir-fried Thai rice noodles with BKK Express special tamarind sauce with fluffy scrambled eggs, beans sprout, dried radish and chives. (PHP 220)

Pad Thai Tofu

Harmonious combination of salty, sweet and sour taste can be found on Pad Thai Tofu. (PHP 190)


Specials includes dishes that BKK Express is known for.


Pork Belly in 5 Spices with Hard Boiled Egg

Savor this tender pork belly in 5 spices with hard boiled egg. (PHP 260)

Rice Toppings

Famous Bangkok rice toppings served readily with BKK Express’ home-brewed Pandan Ice Tea that will surely make your tummy full and palate happy.


Bagoong  Rice Toppings

Flavorful rice toppings that have sweet, spicy but not too salty bagoong taste. (PHP 190)

Thai Grilled Plates

Thai Grilled Plates are Bangkok’s favorite grilled dishes like satay, pork bbq, thai isan sausage and boneless chicken bbq served with sticky rice or pandan rice.


Chicken Satay and Thai Sweet Pork BBQ

Grab a bite of BKK Express’ juicy chicken satay with the mixture of smokey and curry flavor with a bit of spice and tender thai sweet pork bbq. (Chicken Satay PHP 320 and Thai Sweet Pork BBQ PHP 330)
Wrap some herbs, spices, nuts and juicy isan sausage on a lettuce! (PHP 350)


BKK Express will give you Thai’s favorite desserts that will surely make your palate happy.


Sticky Rice Mango Sundae

Get refresh with sticky rice on top of the sundae and sweet mangoes. (PHP 135)

BKK Express enables easy access and on the go authentic Thai dishes that will perfectly fit people who crave for Thai food and are always busy. Dishes are flavorful and has the right sweetness, spiciness, and sourness and are affordable.

Travel Eat Pinas Video for BKK Express

To know more about BKK Express you can visit their facebook page at

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