Gourmet Bar by Novotel Manila’s Local and Foreign Dishes and Ice Cream Challenge!

Last October 22, I was one of the lucky five bloggers who got invited by Jaey of HeyJaey and Novotel Hotel and Resorts Manila to try Gourmet Bar’s ICE CREAM challenge. 

I always pass by Novotel Manila at General Aguinaldo Avenue, Araneta Center, Cubao in Quezon City but I haven’t got the chance to step inside the latter, that’s why I am so excited that day. Upon entering the hotel, their friendly and accommodating staff welcomed me and lead me to the venue of the Ice Cream Challenge- Gourmet Bar by Novotel. 
Gourmet Bar is one of Novotel’s restaurants that offers a la carte menu with the mix of local and global flavors made by foreign chefs. It  has a calming ambiance with comfortable chairs and easy on the eyes color pattern and design that completes a totally relaxing environment.  Gourmet Bar can accommodate up to 80 people.

Gourmet Bar by Novotel Ambiance

Before we start the challenge, the Digital Marketing Manager of Novotel Manila, Miss Mariangela Silvestre and the team of Gourmet Bar gave us a welcome banquet. The banquet includes Foie Gras Praline, Black Linguini with Talangka Paste, 3  Beef Caldereta Sliders, Pizza Pampanga, Pizza Lungga Parma Ham Con Rucola E Grana, Non-Alcoholic Unleaded Cucumber and Pomelo and Ginger Cooler.

Foie Gras Praline is  pistachio crusted truffle with foie gras praline and apple bits that taste like apple pie filling and  crushed pistachio and strawberry.

Foie Gras Praline, PHP 800

Black Linguini with Talangka Paste is made of Novotel’s homemade and tender black pasta with the rich taste of  talangka paste, locally farmed and fresh rocket, and crispy Maya Maya cubes.

Black Linguini with Talangka Paste, PHP 480

3 Beef Caldereta Sliders has tender beef, red onion, gherkins, and fresh from the farm lettuce, on a pandesal.

3 Beef Caldereta Sliders, PHP  350

Pizza Pampanga has a thin and crunchy crust with Novotel’s special pizza sauce and topped with one of Filipino’s favorites meat because of its sweet and garlic taste- Longanisa.

Pizza Pampanga, PHP 320

Pizza Lungga Parma Ham Con Rucola E Grana has a thin and crunchy crust with Novotel’s special pizza sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese, rocket leaves, parma ham and permesan flakes.

Pizza Lungga Parma Ham Con Rucola E Grana, PHP  380

Non-Alcoholic Unleaded Cucumber was made for children that usually dine with their parents at Gourmet Bar but ended up as one of the adults favorite thirst quencher. It is made of Lime, Cucumber, House-made Saour, and Soda.

Non-Alcoholic Unleaded Cucumber, PHP  230

Pomelo and Ginger Cooler is a mixture of Filipino alcoholic beverage, Lambanog, Pomelo Juice, Ginger Syrup and Lemonade.

Pomelo and Ginger Cooler, PHP  300
After the banquet, the challenge started by presenting us Le Mont Gourmand. The ice cream challenge is simple, the five of us should work as a team to finish Le Mont Gourmand. Sound easy, right? but I am telling you it is challenging!

Le Mont Gourmand is composed of 15 big scoops of artisan ice cream and sherbets with banana, coffee, chocolate and raspberry flavors topped with macaroons, mixed berries coulis, and nuts, drizzled with chocolate syrup and garnished with whipped cream.

Le Mont Gourmand, PHP 999
We were told that other teams tried to finish the challenge but failed. So we strategies and finished the ice cream challenge in 11 minutes. So far, we are the fastest  among those who dared to try the challenge.

Gourmet Bar by Novotel did give me the warmest welcome during my first visit in Novotel Manila. My palate loved their delectable  Filipino and foreign mixed dishes and I adore their relaxing ambiance. I also enjoyed the challenge. Their artisan ice cream is not that sweet but full of flavors and is creamy. I would definitely go back and try a scoop or two of their ice cream soon.

To know more about Novotel and Gourmet Bar you can visit their website and social media accounts at:



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  1. Their manager rocks! Thanks to their great team, I'm so happy I chose this venue for my event! I had a great time at event space here and think the atmosphere is as good as it gets. I will be astonished if I ever find a negative review on these guys.


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