Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo

My sister’s friend introduce me to  a pasta and pizza restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. I am not familiar to the restaurant since I haven’t explored the streets of Kapitolyo but what made me want to check the place is the recommendation that she gave.

Pasta choices in Pomodoro Pizza Pasta Kitchen

We went inside the streets of Kapitolyo and find a restaurant named Pomodoro Pizza Pasta Kitchen. The ambiance is cozy. It’s as if you are dining in your wooden chair and table  in your veranda  with white fences.

Ambiance of  Pomodoro.

We ordered quattro formaggi pizza, smoked fish pasta,  sausage pasta, salted egg pasta, arrabiata and house blend ice tea.

Quattro Formaggi Pizza or Four Cheese Pizza is composed of Mozzarella, Parmesan, Colby Jack and Pomodoro’s Special Cheese. We got this for  PHP 239 or USD 5.  The pizza smells Parmesan and has thin, crunchy crust. It is cheesy and has the sour taste of tomato.

Quattro Formaggi Pizza

Smoked Fish Pasta  has the salty taste of  “tinapa” or smoked fish and perfectly blend with creamy sauce. Smoked Fish Pasta is only for PHP 99 or  USD 2.07.

Smoked Fish Pasta

Sausage Pasta has tender pasta with sweet and salty taste of sausage and has bits and pieces of sausage. This pasta is for PHP 139 or USD 2.91.

Sausage Pasta

Salted Egg Pasta is creamy  with the texture and taste of salted egg yolk and saltiness coming from the egg white. This is for PHP 139 or USD 2.91.

Salted Egg Pasta

Arrabiata has the sour taste of tomato , juicy shrimp and a bit spicy. Arrabiata pasta costs PHP 139 or USD 2.91.

Arrabiata Pasta

I enjoyed every pasta  that we ordered in Pomodoro specially the Salted Egg and Smoked Fish. They have a this unique Filipino taste that usual restaurants do not offer.

If you want and know more about  Pomodoro you can visit their restaurant in:

6G San Rafael Street Pasig City
and check their social media accounts:

Pomodoro Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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35 thoughts

  1. Not bad! The prices are pretty affordable so it's really nice. The dishes look great especially the pastas. I think it's definitely worth a try.


  2. i feel like i've never eaten a real pizza for so long! that looks amazing! We always use just pita bread and make our own pizza. probably will have pizza this weekend


  3. I can't believe that such a dainty shop can serve such flavorful pastas! Thanks for this! I'll eat here when I pass by Kapitolyo!xoxo,Julia Antoinettehttp://juliaantoinette.com/


  4. When you're in Manila, you really get to experience a lot of restaurants especially in Kapitolyo. Haven't been there but I always read in blogs that there are a lot of resto there. I am a pasta lover and surely this is one I would like to visit.


  5. Wow! An all pasta place! I have to agree with you. I think among those on the menu, I would want to have the smoked fish and especially the salted egg pasta because you don't get to see them everyday. 😀


  6. I'm a sucker for pizza and pasta, much more anything with cheese in it. I'm a white sauce kind of girl, so I could see myself trying the smoked fish and sausage pasta, with the quattro formaggi (goes without saying)


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