I spend my 29 years of existence in Pasig City, thus I can be called Anak ng Pasig, and in that 29 years I  always pass by one of the famous river in the Philippines- The Pasig River. I’ve seen it’s transformation and rehabilitation. Growing up I heard a lot of stories about it, some are true and others are hoax. Pasig River is just a river to me, nothing is special about it. That’s what I’ve always thought about the latter, not until I got an invitation from Tag Media to join the launching of  Zoomanity Group’s latest project for Zoomanity Foundation, the ZOOPER CRUISE.

Zooper Cruise Passpoort

Zooper Cruise is a project of Zommanity Group for Zoomanity Foundation that caters the four pillars of their mission and vison- Education, Entertainment, Environmental Conservation and Exhibit. Starting 25th of Zoomanity Foundation will create a special cruise in the Pasig River with the intention to impart the history that the Pasig River witness along time and to discover the beauty that it has that we all thought had worn out. The cruise will be every first Friday of the month and part of the proceeds of the Zooper Cruise will be given to authorities that handle Pasig River Rehabilitation.

Zooper Cruise
I was so excited during the launch because I know I will learn a lot about Pasig River on that trip and it will also show me the other side of Pasig River that I didn’t know existed. We started the cruise in Valenzuela Ferry Station in Makati City. While waiting for the ferry, I went down to check the river and to my surprise it doesn’t smell foul or bad. The river was calm that day and full of waterlilies. 

Pasig River

We started the cruise around 4:00 PM.

As we entered the twin hull boat, we were warmly welcomed by friendly crew and were handed snacks. Once settled, our Pasig River adventure started and our tour guide for the day is Mr. Ed Bondad, the owner of the boat used for Zooper Cruise. He narrates historical information and trivia as we pass by historic places in Manila like Intramuros, Fort Santiago and the oldest watch tower in Manila. During the cruise, every ferry station  we pass corresponds a background music. We also came across Malacanang but for security purposes we are not allowed to take pictures of it. That was the first time I see Malacanang up close. We also pass by NCGH, National Center for Geriatric Health. The last attraction of the cruise before docking in Binondo is the Manila Bay sunset.

Quezon Bridge

Ferry on Pasig River

Post Office

After cruising the river, the boat dock near Binondo to do other activities included on the cruise. We went first to Binondo Church to say a little prayer, ask guidance and thanks for our safe trip. After going to church, we went to Uno Sea Food Wharf Place for dinner. Uno’s ambiance is a typical Chinese Restaurant  but past Presidents of the Philippines used to dine here.

The food served to us was hand picked by Mr. Robert Yupangco of Yupangco Group of Companies and I must say every dish he chose were delicious. My favorite is the pork stewed with bread.








After diner we head back to the boat. Upon seating we were given ice creams and coffee. Once settled Zoomanity Group started trivia game that deals with the places that we passed while on the cruise and I won the major price!

Power Bank

The 45 minutes trip with Zooper Cruise did educate me with the history that Pasig River witnessed along time. I was also entertained with scenery that I saw while on the cruise, games and  enjoyed the food that we ate, they are all delicious. I also saw how beautiful and unappreciated Pasig River. I am so thankful that Tag Media and Zoomanity Group invited me on this trip.  Now, Pasig River is not just a river to me, it is a river full of history and beauty.

Author: traveleatpinas

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43 thoughts

  1. I don`t think I`ve ever taken a cruise in Pasig river. I hope and pray that the beauty Pasig river once had will be restored. Philippines has so many beautiful places and I hope they will be preserved and won`t be abused.With Love,


  2. I didn't know you could cruise on the Pasig river. I grew up in Manila and heard so many things about it too. But like you, it was just a river to me. Reading this brought back so many childhood memories as my family enjoyed dining at Sea Food Wharf so much when we lived there. What an honor to eat food hand-picked by a very very successful man. Looks so delish!


  3. It's the first time I've heard of this. I do believe it's a nice project to also help rehabilitate the river. Sana, in time, it will get back its old glory. The whole experience sounded swell! How much is the regular price of the cruise?


  4. What??? People can go on a cruise along Pasig River?? :O When did it start? Just like you, Pasig was just a dead river to me before I left PH. 😀 Looks like it has been rehabilitated, and people can now gain something from it. I hope they'd make the cruise a little bit affordable, so many can enjoy!


  5. I am not a history buff or something but I am always fascinated with tales about the importance of Pasig river in forming and shaping the culture and history of the Filipinos and seeing it in dire state decades ago and now being revive is such a pleasant surprise! I hope this would be a sustainable project.cheers!


  6. I think this Zooper cruise is good that it holds not only just educational tours but part their proceeds go to Pasig river's rehabilitation. I just found the price of the cruise expensive. Well, I don't know the duration of the tour and how many people get to be in the tour at a time, so don't mind me if I say it's expensive. I still don't fully know everything. It's good that you didn't smell a foul scent on your visit. That's a good sign that the government and the citizens are doing a great job in cleaning the river. -Me-An Clemente of


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