t’s been a dream of mine to visit a farm with lots of animals roaming around, vegetables growing on a hill, fruit bearing trees lined up to give shade and offer freshly picked fruits  and a garden where you can smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers. It was just a dream until I went to PARADIZOO.

Paradizoo Cafe

Paradizoo is a combination of paradise and zoo- PARADI (paradise) ZOO (zoo). It is a 12-hectare farm located in Mendez, Cavite that composed of vegetable farm, flower garden, animal stations, orchidarium and ecclectic garden and bee farm. This is the best place where you can  relax, have some quiet time, know more about agriculture, learn more about flowers and animals.

Upon entering Paradizoo we settled in Paradizoo Cafe and after resting and hydrating ourselves, we started our Paradizoo adventure. First stop is the Farm Frenzy. Our first activity in Farm Frenzy was feeding the bunnies! We fed the cute and friendly bunnies with carrots on stick. Those cuties really love carrots.

Feeding the bunny with carrots

We were lucky enough to be there during the bird’s feeding time. Different kinds of birds gather in the middle of Farm Frenzy to grab their favorite meal.

Bird’s feeding time

Aside from the birds, Farm Frenzy also houses ducks, goat, donkey, ostrich, my favorite pot belly pig, cow, horse and camels (yes, they have a camel and you can ride to them if you want to). The animals are well maintained in Farm Frenzy. They have rooms good enough for them to wonder and their food is fresh from the vegetable garden.


Pot belly pig




Voltes 5 – The five legged cow


After enjoying Farm Frenzy, we went to the Dairy Station. Dairy station is a stable with different kinds of goat. All along I thought that there are one or two specie of goat but I was oh so wrong. There are lots of them. Above each goat’s room is a board that indicates what type of goat they are, their habitat, life span, diet and where they came from (which is so informative!). If you are interested in owning a farm in the future, you can learn how to properly gather goat’s milk in this station as well.

After bonding with the goats, the next station lead us to the flower garden. Flowering bushes and shrubs line on the sides of the pathway going inside the garden. Different kinds of beautiful flowers  are planted strategically, that you can enjoy looking or even taking pictures of them, my favorite is the chess inspired. Markers are placed to give the visitors an idea on the flowers scientific name and other facts about them.

Flower Garden

Along with the flower garden is the bonsai garden that is facilitated by Atish Dipankar Sarker who is from Bangladesh and is a renowned winner in the field of Bonsai. You can see his works around Paradizoo but most of them are in this garden. I had a chance to talk to Atish and I asked him if taking care of bonsai requires a lot of effort and I was amazed when he told me that it is easy. They need a little sunlight, water and a bit of trimming every now and then.

After the gorgeous flower garden is the vegetable farm. We walked on a path covered with vegetable plants that intertwine together to create some shade. The path is going to the top of the hill. The hill side is covered with different vegetable treated by the animals’ waste as fertilizer. If you are familiar with the song “Bahay Kubo,” all the vegetables mentioned on the song are available here.

Aside from using their animals’ waste for fertilizer they also have hydroponics farming. The latter is a method wherein plants grow through the nutrients and minerals of water and not with soil.

On the top of the vegetable farm is the wedding and function room hall. If you plan to have a ranch type of wedding or go on a company tour or held a big meeting, Paradizoo hall can surely accommodate you. The hall offers a great view as well because you can see almost the whole Paradizoo while staying there.

View from the Wedding Hall

After taking our lunch we went to the Butterfly Garden. The garden is full of plants and trees that butterflies and visitors can enjoy. It was raining back then so I had a chance to take photos of butterflies resting on the plants and gathering around for some shade.

Our last stop is the Bee Farm. In the latter I learned how to harvest honey. I also learned that the taste of the honey depends on where the bees gather their nectar.

Here are the steps on how to  harvest honey:

1. Remove the bees from the frame. There are different ways on how to remove the bees from the frame but with this one, they removed them by brushing them gently away from the frame.

2.  Uncap the bee’s wax covered honey comb frame  by using a scratcher.


3. Put the frame on the honey extractor and spin the frames. By spinning the frames, it will force the honey to go to the walls of the extractor so that it will go to the bottom of the container.

4. Open  the extractor and get those honey!

It was raining hard so we went back to Paradizoo Cafe and there we meet the people behind Zoomanity Group which is headed by Mr. Robert Yupangco. 

Zoomanity Group

Mr. Yupangco, told us his vision for Paradizoo and to be honest I got excited while listening to him. He plans to have a dragon hill which is full of dragon fruit plants, river where you can swim with  the crocodiles (crazy, but it would be awesome!) and a lot of things that is purely about agriculture.  He has a lot of vision for Zoomanity group, many it may seem but  he said “It doesn’t matter how slow you progress as long as you do not stop!”

How to go to Paradizoo:

If you have a car, it would take an hour and half (without traffic) to reach Paradizoo. Take the South Luzon Express way  and  exit in  Santa Rosa, Laguna. From Sta. Rosa go to Tagaytay Road going to Mahogany Avenue then go to Maglabe Drive, Mendez, Cavite  to reach Paradizoo.

If you plan to commute, from Manila ride a bus going to Olivarez, Tagaytay. From Olivarez ride a jeepney going to Mendez, Cavite then ride a tricycle going to Paradizoo.


  1. Been to Paradizoo last first quarter of this year. I had fun seeing a few animals for the first time. And being reintroduced to some animals i havent seen for years. We are living in manila and the usual animals we see around are just dogs and cats. Nway, i would want to go back to Paradizoo with my boys. They will surely love to see animals and even ride and feed them. They will also enjoy the botanical garden and the vegetable farm. It would be a nice way to familiaze them with the name of the veggies, flowers and animals.


  2. It's one of the few places to take kids in Tagaytay. Paradizoo is probably the better choice too kasi at least here, they maintain the place. Picnic Grove? Nah. Residence Inn? Nah. I was there couple of years ago. I think I also saw another blog featuring Paradizoo and I mentioned ang nakatatak sa akin was the pet cemetery they have I think near the butterflies.


  3. First, I have to say that the name of the farm is really catchy! With all the amenities and activities one can try during the visit, it is indeed a paradise-zoo. I'm glad to read about places like this in PH.. At least, we have more recreational places to visit in the mainland, not just the (beatiful) beaches in the countryside. 🙂 Would definitely want to go to Paradizoo!


  4. It looks like a great place to spend a day with the family. I don't think that there is a cuter activity than feeding a rabbit carrots. It's also a great place to learn about different things, like making honey for example.


  5. I've read other blogs about paradizoo. I think this place is really cool, specially for kids! Ako kasi sanay na ako sa mga ganitong set up nung bata kami, lol. But I would love for my son to experience and see these animals.


  6. I consider every farm as a paradise. I like its diversity for the crops. So how much more if it consists of unique animals? I still ask myself why I did not have a chance to visit Paradizoo before? I have to do it now.


  7. I have not been to Paradizoo. I plan to bring my kids there in the future. It's nice that they have a session to teach about harvesting honey from the bees. Your photos are lovely!


  8. I LOVE it! I wish I can visit this place one day. I love Zoo and this one looks amazing. To see how huge it is with the place that those animals have it's so great. It really changes from the european Zoos where it's mostly small and animals dont always look healthy. The fact that you learn about agriculture too is really rewarding and interesting


  9. that place looks like a great adventure, I've never seen a 5 legged cow before! I love the garden, especially the large sunflowers, so vibrant and beautiful : ) If I ever make it around that area I'll have to stop there and check it out in person!


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